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In all, these books took 15 years to complete and comprise over pages. Students took 99 classes in this two-year period, plus several competency tests, and completed papers on seven major research projects identifying historical correlations between the analysis methods and historical performance. These courses are now available to new students for on-line learning.

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The original graduates have been trained to become financial market analysts with a specialty in financial market timing, utilizing the MMA methodology. Merriman is well-studied in the field of Astrology. Raymond Merriman Raymond A.

To that, we can add taxes. The probability of an increase in each of these areas is greater than normal under this configuration. The four D's together do not bode well for market sentiment Noted Mundane Astrologer Andre Barbault from Paris, has written that such hard aspects are often present when a shock occurs to the global financial system, or a sudden collapse of stock prices.

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It is associated with financial panics. In cardinal signs, such shocks may be brief, but painful nonetheless. For much of , Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are in what we call a cardinal T-square with one another. That was also the case during the financial panic days of However, it is not all that common as this brief span would indicate.

Interpreting Financial Cycles

Could it be as devastating as the stock market collapse? If there is a stock market collapse in , it is not likely to be as devastating. In fact, the presence of Saturn in waning trine to Uranus supports the idea that stock markets could yet move higher in This is a rare aspect. It has only occurred four times in the history of the United States stock market.

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We anticipate record new highs in many indices, in , during this aspect, which is force December November However, once that high is in, a serious decline and a new bear market can unfold, which usually doesn't bottom until well after the aspect is completed. Is the U. Venus and Jupiter pertain to the nation's currency and its national wealth. It measures the well-being of its economy. Thus, it is possible that the economy continues to grow and expand for much of the The value of its currency, the Dollar, may also continue higher into However, after the opposition of transiting Saturn to the USA Venus passes it will last through November 6, , a time of economic contraction can follow.

We also point out that the Dollar tends to top out and other currencies tend to bottom against it every 16 year, coinciding with a USA presidential election and the party that wins office. For instance, the Republicans won office in the Nov election, and also , , and When that happens, the US Dollar tops out within 6 months of January that follows the election — when the term formally begins.

A recent shift in Uranus means big things for cryptocurrencies

Thus the Dollar is due to make its year cycle crest within 6 months of January So far, January 3, , is the high of this cycle, and it may turn out to hold. If so, it is right on time. The challenges ahead loom very large.

Given the nature of the very challenging geocosmic factors that will unfold in late through , it will depend upon the choices he and his staff make, but the geocosmic set up in Mr. Trump's natal chart — and progressions for do not paint a path of easy choices. It will be very bumpy, as we are already witnessing.

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Keep in mind, the last time the Republicans controlled all three branches of the Federal government was in under Herbert Hoover. Herbert Hooiver was also elected President because he came from a business background, and not so much a political one, and he did not get along well with those in his own party.

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There are these similarities this time. He is, after all, a native of the dualistic sign of Gemini. He may exhibit qualities of too much or too little loyalty to others, depending on whether they support or oppose his ideas. He is a registered Commodities Trading Advisor CTA with the National Futures Association, financial market analyst, and editor of the MMA Cycles Report, a monthly market advisory newsletter that specializes in stocks, interest rates, currencies, precious metals, crude oil and soybeans since He also writes daily and weekly reports for more active traders.

His introduction to financial markets began in Two years later, he became a student of Walter Bressert, legendary cycles analyst in commodities. This was the first book to show a quantitative research correlation between cycles in a financial market to cycles in the cosmos. In addition, he has also written two primers on financial market analysis.