Astrology for february 14

Aquarians born on February 14 are high-strung, interesting people who possess analytical intelligence that allows them to tackle complex problems without losing sight of the practical side issues. Their verbal skills are considerable. They have an edgy charm that makes them irresistible. People born on February 14 attract the spotlight.

February 14 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

Friendship is easy for them, and so they may not work at it diligently. Romance is another area of life where they shine. They are more likely to fall passionately in love than others of their sign. February 14 natives often grow up in an unconventional family. As parents, they encourage their children to take chances and follow their own path. This may not match your personal agenda. However, the stars line up with honest tugs and string tie-ups this week. Chocolate and red hearts take center stage.

Mercury sextiles Uranus to bring a sudden romantic connection. No one is more adept at putting hearts and roses into a sublime state. There are a number of scenarios that may be knocked off their pedestals. Details this week could change in an instant. Let the stars lead your way. Sudden changes can take you to rather delicious avenues. No need to fret or regret.

This week, Mars is conjunct Uranus. Impatient and to the point, Mars is influenced by Uranus, who wants to change things up in a hurry. Before you give up on heart lollipops, consider fine wine and candlelight. Difficulties can arise during this period if you get the feeling that others are not respecting you or your things, or if you are too impulsive with spending. Take a break, if possible!

Mars enters your sign today, dear Taurus, and will fire you up until March 31st.

Love Horoscope For Today, Thursday, February 14, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign In Astrology

This Mars transit is certainly not as rare as it happens approximately every two years, but it serves to motivate you and enliven your life, increasing your assertiveness and go-getting qualities. Use this period for tapping into your natural bravery and shaping your life in ways you want it to be, but avoid rash decisions and behavior.

Today, watch for pushing ahead too soon. A brief lull or slump is possible, but ultimately motivating. Mars begins its transit of your soul sector today, dear Gemini, and will visit there until the last day of March.

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This cycle points to a need for rest and recuperation — a time-out for sorting things out. Of course, life goes on as usual, but you may need to carve out extra space and time for a retreat of sorts now. You may be reevaluating current plans or incubating new ones rather than going full-speed ahead with new ventures. There can be a lot to do behind the scenes, out of the public eye, or on your own. This is not a time when you feel especially confident about asserting your desires, and you may have a hard time knowing what you want or finding a way to go after what you want.

Take this time to reassess your desires and plans for best results now. Mars enters your friendship sector today, dear Cancer, and will visit there for over six weeks—until March 31st—harmonizing with your sign and supporting your efforts in large part.

You may be working with others towards a common goal, or you could be putting more energy into networking, activities with friends, causes, or group efforts. This is also a period when you enjoy taking charge and organizing events.

Valentine's Day Horoscope February 14, 2017 - Sun Sextile Saturn - True Sidereal Astrology

If there have been problems brewing with a friend or group, however, this transit can bring things out into the open. Mars is about facing issues and getting over them so that you can move forward. This comes at a good time since Uranus will be heading into this sector of your chart in less than a month, stirring things up for many years to come.

Today, attractions are strong, but also confusing, and you may feel the need to take it easy — perhaps a bit of a break from a hectic pace. Mars begins its transit of your solar tenth house today, dear Leo, stimulating your ambition and a need to take action when it comes to fulfilling your responsibilities and pushing your professional interests forward until March 31st.

You may find that matters related to your life path goals, career, or reputation are changing, and doing so in surprising and exciting ways. Or, this is about how you feel about your goals. You could find yourself in the position of leader or manager, or you may have a harder time dealing with authority as you prefer to work independently at your own pace. In fact, you need to work for them and overcome obstacles and challenges, but challenges can be exciting now.

Today, Mars meets Neptune in a minor challenging aspect, and there can be a small letdown or a brief dip in energy to deal with, after which you can feel even more pumped up to get going. Mars heads out of your intimacy sector today, dear Virgo, and is now moving in harmony with your sign until March 31st.

This is an energy booster as it helps you feel more in sync with the world around you. Asserting your desires and pursuing your goals directly are natural now after a period of perhaps agonizing over your next step! Healthy competition can figure strongly now, and you can be gently challenging yourself to improve as you seek out new experiences that enhance your sense of well-being or engagement with the world around you.

Even so, Mars and Neptune connect in a minor challenging aspect today, and there can be some emotional deflation before things rev up.

Valentine's Day Horoscope: Astrology, Zodiac Sign for Thursday, February 14, 12222

Treat this as an opportunity to take a necessary and helpful pause. Mars begins its transit of your intimacy and sharing sector today, dear Libra, and will continue this transit until the end of March.

It can be a time of intensity within you or in a close relationship as Mars acts to stir things up. A lot is going on behind the scenes, and it can be challenging to go after your desires directly or straightforwardly for the time being. You tend to write your own rules during this transit, and you are more aware of your instincts and impulses, but you might often keep things to yourself. In the weeks ahead, an intimate relationship could pick up speed for some of you, and it can be a time for in-depth studies or intensive work on something absorbing.

Your motivation to connect with someone or something more profoundly runs high at this time. Today, however, there can be some listlessness as Mars meets with Neptune, or perhaps a small letdown. If so, you can use this time to slow yourself down, take a break, and get some rest.

Mars moves into opposition with your sign today, dear Scorpio, and this launches a cycle in which relationships can heat up. A partner might challenge you in the weeks ahead, which can feel helpful or disruptive, and possibly a bit of both!

Impatience in relationships can stir the pot now. There can be notably increased levels of energy or activity in a relationship as things move quickly, life is lively, or filled with conflict during this transit that runs until the end of March. Today, there can be a small dip in motivation or energy levels as Mars and Neptune form a minor challenging aspect, but it does give you the chance to see needs you may have overlooked during busy times. While all transits have their place and purpose, some of them are more comfortable than others. Work and daily routines tend to speed up, though.