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We all has differ Skill set as well. But it is very much possible that what you desire is not destined for you. You may be destined to get something else. That is why we see doctors become writes, Engineers become Businessman etc. So it is very important to know whether we are destined to get what we are chasing. Otherwise we waste our Valuable time of most precious period of life. During my period of consultation i have seen many cases where people are trying for Govt job several year but not getting Success because their chart do not support Govt Job.

Using these rules on your own chart, you will get a fair idea whether your chart is supportive for this or not.

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Our true potential is only disclosed through Horoscope. Sun and Moon these two are Royal Planet. Leo and Cancer these two are Royal Sign in astrology. They are also treated as King and queen in the group of planets. So these Royal planets and Signs has a prominent role to play in deciding Govt Job. Because Sun is the King of the Planetary kingdom. It represents the Government. So for government job prediction based on date of birth you need to the strength of Sun or Surya Narayan.

If any one ask which planet is responsible for Government job in astrology, the answer is Sun.

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Moreover sun is the planet for fame and recognition and jobs like Indian civil service gives a lot of recognition. So sun must be the first thing to check during government job prediction in astrology. While discussing Government job in Vedic astrology How can we forget Saturn. Saturn is the second most important planet after Sun. Though Saturn do not indicate government job but it is the overall significator or Karaka for Career and it is also indicate service or job. So whatever job you choose, if you are not getting the Blessings of Saturn, you can not progress in Career.

So saturn must be prominent while checking the government job in kundli as per Indian astrology. The third most important Planet for Government job prediction in astrology is Moon.

Moon act as a helping factor to Sun. Specially in the charts of bureaucrats or who are associated with Foreign service, Moon is very Prominent. If you have well placed Sun and Moon in Kundli, the chances of getting Government job increases to a great extent.

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Apart from these planets, Mars is important for Police or Military service. If you are interested for any Education related job like Teacher or professor, you need s strong Jupiter influencing your house of career. Now Lets talk about which houses are most important for govt job prediction by date of birth. Book Your Consultation! It is the house of not only career but also achievement and recognition. This is a well accepted fact that if there is Sun in the 10th house, the chances of Getting a Government Jobs increase. Sun also gets Directional strength in 10th house , which increase its strength further.

If you do not have a very strong 10th house, chances are bleak for getting into these jobs. It is also a Upachaya House and one of the Artha Trikona. It indicates win over enemies and competition.

If 11th house is not any how involved or associated, we can not get success in any work. It is also 6th from the 6th house. So by Bhavat Bhavam Principles, it is also the secondary house of competition. So 11th house is very important house, may be the most important house after 10th house while considering planetary combinations for government job. Apart from the above three houses, we also need to consider 5th and 9th house also for government job prediction in astrology.

These Exams are one of the toughest Exams. So clearing these exams you must be intelligent and fortunate. So the house of intelligence 5th and house of fortune 9th is also important for government job prediction in astrology.

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These Lords can be involved in house exchange or in mutual aspect also. During the govt job prediction by date of birth we should also check the 8th house as it is the 11th house from 10th house. Hence it signifies gain from profession. These Signs makes a person dutiful and also honest. So The Fiery Signs of the Zodiac is also plays an important role in govt job prediction by date of birth.

When the three Fiery signs-Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are very prominent in chart, the Possibility of Govt job increase. Actually Fiery signs makes a person decisive and gives Leadership qualities. With Strong Fiery signs you will be able to control and lead a team. If any person is appointed in Civil service, he has to follow certain rules and must be capable to give orders as well as dominate others.

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Govt job prediction by date of birth is not an easy work. The Sun or Moon must be placed there or may aspect these houses or may be associated with their Lords. The strength and Lordship of Sun and Moon is also very important. During govt job prediction by date of birth we need to see If the Sun and Moon is benefic for your Lagna and also if both the planet is in Good Dignity. Because Lagna and Moon will give a hints about the likes and dislikes and interest. These yogas are planetary combinations for successful career. So 6th house should be stronger than 7th House in ashtak varga, Shadbala etc.

If the 6th lord is associated with 10th house or 10th Lord is associated with 6th house and the 6th lord is strong, Saturn is also influencing the 10th house and sun is also prominent, there is yoga for Government job in Vedic astrology. If we see such combination in charts, we can safely proceed with government job prediction in astrology. If there is prominent planetary combination for Government job Yoga is present, different planets will indicate different area.

If the 10th house, and its Lord is influenced by Mars, the person may likely to go to Army or police service.

If Jupiter conjuncts with Sun or Saturn and is placed in Lagna or 5th or 6th or 10th or in 11th house, it creates a very strong yoga for Government job in astrology. Just enter your date of birth with time to get your personalized birth chart with accurate and in-depth analysis of planetary positions. If you are curious to know which planet is transiting in which sign, visit this page and enjoy planetary movement.

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