Sextile astrology february 7

February Report & Monthly Horoscope

So look at it this way- This last month of lunation cycle when the last time the moon was in Pisces. This Sunday, Brings revolution and Action to our emotions. Unexpected Changes. Transfers- We will talk more then. As Always the Universe Supports.

Feb 7th 12222 Astrology calendar

Add some Sun Stone. Azurite just came to mind. Possibly many will benefit from adding some Azurite today as well.

go site Amazing day, for shining and a continuation for opportunities get out there this day. Go be seen, Engage with others. The Sun loves Jupiters Guru vibe-. A Organic chance to align-. Interesting that the same time that the sun is in Sextile to Jupiter. When we have Squares to the moon- it is tension to the emotional Body. That silent part with-in that we try to hide.

Now not even the escapism is working.

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Sunday, February 3: That competitive muscularity still motivates, even the puppy bowl could be exciting to watch. A waning communal Aquarius Moon encourages connection, collection, group activity. Find an excuse to drop differences and share experiences. Practical optimism weaves through the afternoon as Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Venus enters Capricorn tonight and helps us turn ideas into creation in the weeks ahead.

Monday, February 4 : The mood is friendly if a bit disconnected, stubborn, idealistic, if a tad impersonal. A new Moon at PM MST marks this as an important day to inventory our allies, put our team together, and make overtures to community. The connections we weave, and the connections we ignore, will set a tone for the next year.

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Listen carefully to political intentions declared today. Tuesday, February 5: Continue on the momentum of the previous days; follow up on contacts, get the word out. A good day to update websites and send out newsletters. We are farsighted, which means the we can see further on down the road, we may be a bit oblivious to those right nearby.

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  • The momentum slows down, our feelings need to catch up. We soften, become more aware of those nearby, but potentially grow touchier as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces tonight. Wednesday, February 6: Process, catch up with one another, catch up with work. If feeling overwhelmed, break the pile down and deal with one thing at a time.

    Meander into creative process but resist initiating new practical projects today. Feelings may be close to the surface, but not always easy to read. Deal with concerns about vulnerability, both personal and those echoing in the headlines. Thursday, February 7 : Line things up today for a burst of activity tomorrow. It reads like the start of a romantic novel really. Whatever is your Capricorn house will give you some idea what style this romantic novel will take.

    Eight houses will be gothic and dark, the seventh house could ring serious wedding bells while the tenth house could just be an office fling. We Can Help!

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    Daily Astrology Horoscope: February 7 - Expansion and Growth!

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