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Full Text Available A comparison is made between the characteristics of the measured lateral impeller forces and the hydraulic performances of a four- and a five-vane impeller, each operating in a spiral volute, a concentric volute, and a double volute. The pump's rotor was supported in magnetic bearings.

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In addition to supporting and controlling the rotor motion, the magnetic bearings also served as active load cells and were used to measure the impeller forces acting on the pump's rotor. The lateral impeller force characteristics, as a function of a normalized flow coefficient, were virtually identical in the four- and five-vane impellers in each respective volute type. The measured impeller forces for each volute type were compared with correlations in the literature. The measured forces from the double volute configurations agreed with the forces from a correlation model over the full flow range.

First Edition and the Gregg Reference Manual. Full Text Available Because of inherent variability in all human cyclical movements, such as walking, running and jumping, data collected across a single cycle might be atypical and potentially unable to represent an individual's generalized performance. The study described here was designed to determine the number of successive cycles due to continuous, repetitive countermovement jumping which a test subject should perform in a single experimental session to achieve stability of the mean of the corresponding continuously measured ground reaction force GRF variables.

Seven vertical GRF variables period of jumping cycle, duration of contact phase, peak force amplitude and its timing, average rate of force development, average rate of force relaxation and impulse were extracted on the cycle-by-cycle basis from vertical jumping force time histories generated by twelve participants who were jumping in response to regular electronic metronome beats in the range Stability of the selected GRF variables across successive jumping cycles was examined for three jumping rates 2, 2.

Results of the ICC analysis indicated that an average of four successive cycles mean 4.

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Except for jumping period, maximum ICC values took values from 0. Indeed, the strategic challenge often is to find ways to transmute success in one environment into good enough Kohn accuses. Volume 35, Numbers 1 and 2. Volume 30, Number 3, Fall Volume 34, Numbers 3 and 4, According to SSA actuaries This was quite surprising. Mathematical Model to Determine Senior Officers. Zielinski , National Counterproliferation Center chief of staff, interview by the author, 3 February Report to the President, 6.

Sandi Zielinski , National African Studies Abstracts Online : number 53, ASA Online provides a quarterly overview of journal articles and edited works on Africa in the field of the social sciences and the humanities available in the ASC library. Issue 53 African Studies Centre, Leiden. African Studies Abstracts Online: number 53, Most of the storms occur from October through March Starting from left to right; the first column is the storm name, second column is the year, month, day, hour UTC Volume 28, Number 3, Fall Articles in this edition may be reproduced in whole or in part without permission.

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The Army Kuwait or in the country of origin. In the case of the Intelligence required contract and civilian personnel to sign for. Full Text Available In the existing reports regarding free and forced vibrations of the beams, most of them studied a uniform beam carrying various concentrated elements using Bernoulli-Euler Beam Theory BET but without axial force.

The purpose of this paper is to utilize the numerical assembly technique to determine the exact frequency-response amplitudes of the axially-loaded Timoshenko multi-span beam carrying a number of various concentrated elements including point masses, rotary inertias, linear springs and rotational springs and subjected to a harmonic concentrated force and the exact natural frequencies and mode shapes of the beam for the free vibration analysis.

The model allows analyzing the influence of the shear and axial force and harmonic concentrated force effects and intermediate concentrated elements on the dynamic behavior of the beams by using Timoshenko Beam Theory TBT. At first, the coefficient matrices for the intermediate concentrated elements, an intermediate pinned support, applied harmonic force , left-end support and right-end support of Timoshenko beam are derived. After the derivation of the coefficient matrices, the numerical assembly technique is used to establish the overall coefficient matrix for the whole vibrating system.

Finally, solving the equations associated with the last overall coefficient matrix one determines the exact dynamic response amplitudes of the forced vibrating system corresponding to each specified exciting frequency of the harmonic force. Equating the determinant of the overall coefficient matrix to zero one determines the natural frequencies of the free vibrating system the case of zero harmonic force and substituting the corresponding values of integration constants into the related eigenfunctions one determines the associated mode shapes.

The calculated vibration amplitudes of the forced vibrating systems and the natural frequencies of the free vibrating systems are given in tables for different values of. The control of ignition in a rocket engine is a critical problem for combustion chamber design. Therefore it is essential to fully understand the mechanism of ignition during its earliest stages. In this paper the characteristics of flame kernel formation and initial propagation in a hydrogen-argon-oxygen mixing layer are studied using 2D direct numerical simulations with detailed chemistry and transport properties.

The flame kernel is initiated by adding an energy deposition source term in the energy equation. The effect of unsteady strain rate is studied by imposing a 2D turbulence velocity field, which is initialized by means of a synthetic field.

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An adaptive wavelet method, based on interpolating wavelets is used in this study to solve the compressible reactive Navier- Stokes equations. This method provides an alternative means to refine the computational grid points according to local demands of the physical solution.

The present simulations show that in the very early instants the kernel perturbed by the turbulent field is characterized by an increased burning area and a slightly increased rad- ical formation. In addition, the calculations show that the wavelet technique yields a significant reduction in the number of degrees of freedom necessary to achieve a pre- scribed solution accuracy.

Analytical prediction of friction factors and Nusselt numbers of turbulent forced convection in rod bundles with smooth and rough surfaces. A simple analytical method was developed for the prediction of the friction factor, f, of fully developed turbulent flow and the Nusselt number , Nu, of fully developed turbulent forced convection in rod bundles arranged in square or hexagonal arrays. The friction factor equation for smooth rod bundles was presented in a form similar to the friction factor equation for turbulent flow in a circular pipe. An explicit equation for the Nusselt number of turbulent forced convection in rod bundles with smooth surface was developed.

In addition, we extended the analysis to rod bundles with rough surface and provided a method for the prediction of the friction factor and the Nusselt number. The method was based on the law of the wall for velocity and the law of the wall for the temperature, which were integrated over the entire flow area to yield algebraic equations for the prediction of f and Nu. A range of commercially important powders hydrated alumina, limestone, titania and zeolite and glass ballotini were attached to atomic force microscope cantilevers, and inter-particle friction forces studied in air using lateral force microscopy LFM.

The in situ calibration procedure for friction forces is described. LF images, line profiles, LF histograms, surface roughness, pull-off forces , and the load dependence of friction in the range nN were studied for both particle-particle and particle-wall steel contacts.


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The single-particle friction results are discussed in terms of contact mechanics theory. Particle-particle contacts showed load-dependent friction, involving single asperity contacts non-linear behaviour or multi-asperity contacts linear behaviour. Particle-wall contacts usually showed little load dependence and were more adhesive.

The results are also related to shear stress-normal stress data yield loci for the same materials from bulk shear testers. A study on fixing force generation mechanism of ER gel. Electro-rheological Gel ERG is a new functional elastomer which changes its surface frictional and adhesive property according to the intensity of applied electrical field. This unique property is called ERG effect. The upper sliding electrode placed on the surface of ERG is fixed by the adhesive effect of ERG under electrical field. Variable fixing forces due to adhesion are generated by this effect.

However, relationship between physical factors and generated fixing force has not yet been clarified. In this study , physical mechanism of fixing phenomenon is elucidated experimentally from the view point of frictional force and adhesive force. From the results, empirical equation of generated fixing force is originally derived to establish the theory of ERG effect.

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An atomic force microscope is a useful tool to study the interaction forces at molecular level. In particular the atomic force microscope can measure an unbinding force needed to separate the two single molecule complexes. Recent studies have shown that such unbinding force depends linearly on the logarithm of the applied loading rate, defined as a product of scanning velocity and the spring constant characterizing the investigated system cantilever vs.

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This dependence can be used to study the energy landscape shape of a molecular complex by the estimation of energy barrier locations and the related dissociation rates. In the present work the complex consisting of ethylene di aminetetraacetic acid and the bovine serum albumin was measured. The dependence between the unbinding force and the logarithm of the loading rate was linear. Using the Bell model describing the dissociation of the above molecules caused by the action of the external bond breaking force , two parameters were estimated: the dissociation rate and the position of the energy barrier needed to overcome during a transition from a bound to unbound state.

The obtained results are similar to those obtained for a typical ligand--receptor interaction. The vibrational source strength descriptor using power input from equivalent forces : a simulation study. Simple, yet reliable methods for the approximate determination of the vibratory power supplied by the internal excitation forces of a given vibrational source are of great interest. The study considers a simple system of two flexural beams coupled via a pair of springs.

The investigation shows that a relatively small number of equivalent forces suffice A twin-case study of developmental number sense impairment. The current study reports on 9-year-old monozygotic twin girls who fail to make any progress in learning basic mathematics in primary education.

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We tested the hypothesis that the twins' core maths problems were deficits in number sense that manifested as impairments in approximate and small number. Number of patients studied prior to approval of new medicines. Both safety and efficacy require continued study after approval. New epidemiologic tools and legislative actions necessitate a review of the requirements for the number of patients studied prior to approval, particularly for chronic use, and adequate use of post-marketing studies.

Please see later Math achievement in elementary school is mediated by performance and growth in number sense during kindergarten.

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  8. The aim of the present study was to test the effectiveness of a targeted small group number sense intervention for high-risk kindergartners from low-income communities. Accounting for initial skill level in mathematical knowledge, children who received the number sense intervention performed better than controls at immediate post test, with meaningful effects on measures of number competencies and general math achievement.

    Many of the effects held eight weeks after the intervention was completed, suggesting that children internalized what they had learned. There were no differences between the language and control groups on any math-related measures. Knot probability of polygons subjected to a force : a Monte Carlo study.

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    7. We use Monte Carlo methods to study the knot probability of lattice polygons on the cubic lattice in the presence of an external force f.