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Ace of Coins: emblematic of youth, focus on the here and now earth mentality , large raise or a balloon payment if reversed , pollyannic point of view, this thing has value, the world is round! Two of Coins: choices, playing around with his options, on a stage, dancing too close to the edge, not completely genuine. Three of Coins: Practical card, what people do on a daily basis, amicable, coming together, friendship kind of card, colleagues, work in progress, meeting of 3 different faiths, coalition of minds coming together in harmonious discourse, verification, a check up, get other people involved in your project, brainstorming.

Five of Coins: victim mentality, woe is me, not accepting a helping hand, shadows. And that is about it for this episode. Rank 1: Tarot Insight. First show in some time. Come join your host Nathaniel as he guides you through the Tarot with great tip, news, blogs to check out, and more. Will also be getting a few mini readings in for a few lucky early callers. Rank 2: Tarot and More. Will be talking Tarot and more. As always will be taking live calls for Mini Tarot Reading. So call up and get some some insight from your host Nathaniel. Will also be bringing you that Tarot tip for all the Tarot students out there.

Rank 1: La Petite Mortisode - No. Little Death? Try little death-episode. Rank 2: Episode - Dana. Sometimes, we need to step back and remind ourselves that things are good, and we got this. Menage a Tarot Podcast Updated 1 day ago. Read more. Share this podcast:.

Such a gem! I stumbled on this podcast while looking for new tarot podcasts, and I fell in love with the hosts immediately. Love the chemistry and love their enthusiasm for tarot. This just became my favorite tarot podcast! Now I have to finish binging all the episodes. Wonderfully Normal. These three friends are wonderfully normal and non-judgemental in their approaches to Tarot. Even though I don't always agree with their ideas, they truly come at every subject with intellectually curiosity and a truly "whatever works for you" approach to every topic.

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I love every time David goes "Huh" You can truly hear his brain considering every angle of a new idea or approach that has come up. Kate is a sweetheart with such unique approaches I had neer considered before and Ronda has these brilliant insights and direct ways of taking on sticky subjects that I love. Together these guys just make the perfect Tarot poscast that I can't wait to get my hands on every month. Best Episodes All Episodes. Rank 1: Episode 22 - Opinions on Various Cards. Feb 27 Rank 2: Episode 3 - Ghost in the Machine.

Episode 3 - Ghost in the Machine Sit in on our conversation about how Tarot ties into mediumship, and check out some of our own experiences with contact from the "other side". Jun 25 This episode we discuss discernment of spirit guides and negative energies. Try meetup. Kate question 1: Which endeavor to focus on next? Ronda - 3 of Pentacles David - Faith The Heirophant Ronda question 1: How best to detox from negativity experienced during travel back home?

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Kate - 6 of Pentacles Ronda - 9 of Swords Dr. May 18 Featured Topics. Best Episodes on Global Issues. History is so amazing!!

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    Scorpio Decan 2 ~ Nov 2 to 11 (10º-20º)

    Anger is the fuel that inspires violence. But it is also the fuel that inspires change. Jealousy as a weapon can make friends foes. Jealousy as a tool may encourage someone to grow and expand to be the best version of themselves. Ignorance as a weapon is a country unaware of its own demise. Ignorance can also be used as a tool in allowing young children a worry free childhood.

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    The only way we can utilize the favorable of the emotion, is by filtering out the unfavorable through trial and error. We feel, because feeling is existence. All the time. Hopefully you ditch the unhealthy coping mechanisms and keep the dark sense of humor. We are ALL of dragons. The dragons breathed life into the Creations thought by Source.

    They all come from Dragons. The Earth Experiment we are on right now is to see if a planet Sophia Gaia and her beings humans, plants, animals can ascend from 3D to 5D or beyond! Many planets have ascended, as have many species of beings- but never in the history of the Universe has an entire planet and her beings done so simeultaneously!

    Dragons built this planet.

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    Leo love tarot reading february lina tarot

    Every single human on her surface has come from one of the innumerable Dragon Tribes who made an Intergalactic Promise to see this experiment to it's completion hopefully a succesful one Now the Ancient Dragon Lineages are being awakened. Are you willing to answer the call? Link in Bio. The good in goodbye. Made Lived it The reality is — boundaries are necessary for survival, not optional. Just a reminder that unsolicited advice is judgment. Plain and simple. There is strength in being the narrator of your own story.

    In being able to share and awaken the emotion within and give it closure. In being able to note and be proud of the journey and strength it took you to overcome the obstacles presented. You are strong. And your story is a tribute to that strength. And I also realized I had the potential to take over the story and change its outcome.