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These two work especially well together as they tend not to argue about who does what, who takes credit and who works behind the scenes versus out in the spotlight. What's the best aspect of the Libra-Aquarius relationship? Their ability to work together as a team. Together they can learn much more than either Sign would alone.

Their accomplishments and love of socializing and new projects make theirs a highly successful relationship. Best Wishes and Good Luck Source s :. Add a comment. Libra Woman Aquarius Man. Aquarius Man Libra Woman. There is a natural and romantic connection between you, and Aquarius also has a touch of added flair that really turns you on. Both Libra and Aquarius are air signs and naturally gravitate towards people, either in small groups or in larger community circles.

The Aquarian temperament has a broad social view — it incorporates global humanitarian concerns. Libra and Aquarius can be a perfect union of communication and social conscience. You are a diplomat, and Aquarius is a revolutionary, and both of you are keen to develop your intellectual skills. After all, some Aquarians still subscribe to the hippie concept of free love. Perhaps the two of you need to take the relationship further, but on the basis of being independent and free?

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You can expect an electric romance with Aquarians born between 21 January and 30 January. You might find yourself completely infatuated, but be careful — this partnership may not be destined to be a lifelong one. Your best karmic combination would be with an Aquarian born between 31 January and 8 February. You have a great psychological connection with them and your romance will develop quite naturally. Expressing how you feel to each other will be the fuel that keeps a long-term relationship going.

Great romance is also forecast for you and Aquarians born between 9 February and 18 February. Libra woman and an Aquarius man will certainly make a great match.

This is in fact what is called a 'five-nine' combination and is considered highly desirable. Both Libra and Aquarius fall under Air signs and have a lot in common.


If you want to read more on this topic, consider picking up a copy of 'Love Signs' by Linda Goodman. This book goes into great details about sun signs in general and love signs in particular; certainly makes an interesting reading. This Site Might Help You. RE: Libra woman and Aquarius man-good match??? Yes, both are air signs and are very compatible.

The only issue between the Libra and Aquarius is that the Libra wants more closeness and attention from the Aquarian mate. The only problem is that Aquarius tends to be very aloof, distant, and independent a lot of time. Conflict or anger itself does not have to cause an irreparable rift between partners. With good communication skills and a shared commitment to a marriage, even these are surmountable.

If you are at the point where your spouse has asked for a divorce, what can you do? You must realize first that, you do have a choice.

Often, when confronted by a crisis, we find ourselves backed into a corner thinking we have no choice in the matter. How can we change the situation when it involves another person's feelings or decisions? While we cannot, must not and in no way manipulate, blackmail or threaten our partner into changing their mind, we can actually control how we react to the situation. If anything, you must realize that you still have control over yourself.

You have the opportunity to look inward and take responsibility for your own feelings and actions and even have the chance to take personal inventory of what your partner is trying to tell you. Are there points in your marriage that must be changed? If so, respond appropriately and proactively. Indeed, any straight man out there will easily admit that they want to learn how to turn women on more often than not. In fact, the desire to learn how to make a woman want you is probably ingrained in your system, no matter what you try to do to resist it.

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Libra And Aquarius Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

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