Capricorn tarot card meaning

It tells you that you're leading an unbalanced life that lacks perception. The goat symbolic of Capricorn depicted in this card is so faded, it's close to a "shadow" of the animal itself.

This symbolizes the fate one suffers if they become lost in material possessions—as they become a "shadow" of their former self. In order to free yourself of this bondage, you must first recognize it and embrace your dark side.

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What's in your future? Get guidance from experienced psychics. OCT 8, - Wake up with energy under a moon in Aquarius, sign of unconventionality and independence. Read full overview. Capricorns are known to have a special relationship with money, often gaining it later in life or as an inheritance.

Capricorns are most interested in things that have an enduring quality—old things—and this can lead to a fear of change and an overly conservative outlook on life if taken to its extreme. We must remember that balance is the key in dealing with these things.

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All of these qualities are considered implicit within the sign of Capricorn. We also see in Capricorns the quality of the Devil as adversary and judge. In addition to these, the Devil card typifies all the sins of the flesh. The flesh has its own brand of wisdom, but it is also one of the most taboo subjects we face as a global civilization. The Devil is about the temptations and rewards of the rock and roll lifestyle—money, sex, drugs and alcohol, dancing and singing, even practical jokes.

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The Devil card is also all about our shadow; the area within us that is our own internal psychic darkness. At this point, most of us have already decided that this Devil card is a shady fellow; but then we remember that in the course of history, the divinity of one civilization becomes the devil of another when that civilization is conquered. In these modern times, with the benefit of hindsight, we can see that the way most people think of the Devil is actually a carryover from the Greek god Pan, we see the Devil in a deeper light.

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We see that the Devil points at forgotten wisdom; it points to deep things. The Devil card typifies the virtues of the power of youth, of rebellion. We realize that if we allowed these Devilish qualities within us free reign, they would surely destroy us. If we completely deny them, we lead a dry life.

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  • We must deal with them prudently, and in a balanced fashion. If we do that, then we see the joy and wisdom and ecstasy that they can bring to our life. I appreciate the article and its ability fo understand the meaning behind the card and not its secular symbolism. Thank you.

    Tarot Horoscope Capricorn Rider Waite Deck

    The inherent steadfastness at times with self deprivation is amazing. Having read about this card helps to accept the changes that continue to come to my expereince throughout my life. It helps to understand the constant search for constancy, yet the ambition tends to supercede most things…Relationships can be filled with the same contrast of what is wanted and not wanted. To make the choice. I appreciate your understanding of the devil card very much.

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    Hi i am capricorn jan And being a strong Jan. I see many of my dreams as premonitions that come to me without any prior thought or knowledge, and see these visions happen in full detail when revealed to me fully awake and aware. I am a loveable Libra who is madly in love with a Capricorn.