February 4 horoscope leo or leo

This week, you might find yourself frustrated, trying to do all your thinking in your head alone. You might hear from other people that the only way to survive this world is to make big demands, to play hardball, to weave a careful net of strategies and negotiations. This week, it might be enough just to quietly ask for the thing you really want.

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It might be enough just to quietly ignore anyone who tells you that creativity or abundance or love are out of reach. There are so many different reasons for holding yourself back, some of them good and some less so. If you let your ideas grow large, then your world will expand to fit them. This week, you have to stop that, at least for now.

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You might dream of finding a way to become pure or powerful enough that you can escape the indignities of having a human body and a heart that knows how to feel. This week, the world might reveal to you certain gaps in your knowledge, or in your understanding of the world. Really, though, this is an opportunity. Where you thought you had become bored, suddenly there is mystery again. Where you thought you were in stasis, suddenly, there is movement.

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  7. Where you thought a certain future was closed off to you, suddenly, a crack opens up to let sunlight in. This week, ideas that have long lain dormant will start clamoring to be seen and touched and spoken. For now, just keep your eyes open.

    Leo Weekly Horoscope Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2018

    The answers you need might appear slowly, with a beauty that surprises even you. What is it that you wish you could stop hiding?

    What is it that you wish you could stop clutching so tightly in your fingers? Vulnerability is appealing to all zodiac signs to love others as they are and not try to change the narrative to suit oneself. The image of the Moon and Sun with Mercury in the zodiac sign that stands for humanity also takes place during a numerologically met setting. Today's numer is a 9, also referred to as the humanitarian.

    If you have petitions with a loved one that you need to discuss so you can get what you need and want without feeling hurt or abandonned, you are supported today. There's plenty of room for trying new things, too. A New Moon is a signal to prepare for fresh project generation. So, if you're looking to do something special with your sweetie on Valentine's Day or just because, this is a good time to plan and sort those ideas out. Mars in Aries is working with game-changer Uranus and there's even a square to Pluto in Capricorn.

    Hard work with love can come to pass today. This is allows for things to change quickly and without warning.

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    Perhaps your relationship status can suddenly transform. You can meet the love of your life at a bar or while waiting in an elevator. Or, you may get the courage to stand up for yourself when the wrong person in your life challenges you, and decide enough is enough and break it off for good.

    The Sun, Neptune and Pluto partner nicely with Saturn. Changes may appear radical to others, but not so harsh in actuality. Your heart is ready for what's coming.

    Leo Horoscope

    You're wide open to receive. Aries, sometimes things don't go your way. You may be feeling frustrated and angry that your plans for change and dynamic are falling through. Sometimes its okay to go through rough times and feel that nothing is fair. This time reminds you about how well you have it during other times and being grateful. Take the advice of those who you trust only and be aware of what is motivating you to ensure that you can make the best decisions for you possible. Taurus, right now you feel that there is something or someone you know that you have to give up in order to be fully happy and move on.

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    You may be feeling a little bit confused or fearful of following the right path and making the difficult decision. Gemini, now is an exciting time for you and loved ones with an enormous potential for fun and beautiful new experiences if you are flexible and go with the flow. You will feel very confident during this time and so many possibilities will come to you soon. If you are considering a drastic change such as quitting a job or leaving a relationship that you have been planning on doing for a long time, know that soon you will make the right choice.

    Cancer, right now your luck is looking up. You are going to experience luck and joy at this time or very soon. Your fate is catching up and giving you the destiny of fulfillment you deserve.

    Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

    Your love life, career, and finances will improve because of fate as well! Everything you deserve is coming your way so enjoy this time and expect some sudden changes. Leo, you may be feeling the need to seek advice from a council or a spiritual consolation. After going through some eventful and difficult times you want some reassurance and guidance. You want to have some traditional values and approach a wiser mental state.