Vedic astrology mercury in aquarius

Though the memory of the time spent in prison lingers in the back of his head, it feels great to be set free.

Mercury in 7th house in Male and female horoscope

Does this principle work for other planets? Sun gets debilitated in the sign of Libra, therefore it should feel great in the sign immediately following Libra.

Mercury in Aquarius

The Sun is almost as good as exaltation in Scorpio, the sign owned by friend Mars. The karmic energies activated by a Sun in Scorpio in any natal horoscope can lead to a stronger mind, brave stance, and firm persona.

Meaning and Significance of Mercury in Aquarius Vedic Astrology |

Even Mars who happens to be the owner of the sign Scorpio does not feel as good in Scorpio. Mars becomes debilitated in the watery, emotional sign of Cancer. The sign immediately preceding it is Leo, owned by the Sun, who happens to be a great friend of Mars. Needless to say, Mars feels as good as exalted in the sign of Leo.

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Venus becomes debilitated in the earth sign Virgo. The sign following Virgo happens to be its own sign Libra. Mercury becomes debilitated in the sign of Pisces. Mercury is a calculator who deals in concrete pros and cons and likes to communicate.

In the dream land of Pisces, it feels overwhelmed and lost. After visiting Pisces, Mercury feels excited to be able to enter the fiery sign of Aries, owned by Mars.

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In Aries, Mercury should then be able to take risks and travel in lightening speed. Saturn gets debilitated in the fiery, fast moving, dominating leadership sign of Aries. Mercury is in 9th from Gemini and 6th from Virgo. Here the houses involved are again 5th and 9th auspicious but the 6th and 8th will give miseries, disturbances, quarrelsome nature, mean and bad intentions, keeps the native away from respectable deeds. The effect of the 5th and 9th makes the native scholar, sociable, famous etc. Your email address will not be published.

Pisces Creativity

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