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The coming eclipses in August are unique in their friendly nature.

A Note from Susan Miller

Most eclipses are mixed, some are downright difficult, but these are sunny and affirming, which is highly unusual. The first one, the lunar full moon eclipse of August 7 , brings a lovely interplay between the lunar eclipse and Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck.

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At the same time, the lunar eclipse will also receive comforting vibrations from Saturn. We have not seen an eclipse this dramatic in the US since February 26, Media will be filled with news, photos, and diagrams, and many people will travel to the cities in the path of totality to view the dramatic beauty of temporary night in the middle of the day. | Free Daily and Weekly Horoscopes

The solar eclipse opens a path, Uranus brings untraditional innovation, and Saturn, structure and security. One leads to the other.

This month, Mercury will be retrograde from August 12 to September 5. Friday, August 11 will be special when Venus and Neptune combine to make one of the most romantic, glamorous date nights possible, especially for the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and especially Pisces.

Neptune rules Pisces, so that sign will get double the pleasure.

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Sunday, August 13 has the Sun aligned with Saturn, adding to the fostering longevity promises made now and over this weekend. By Leigh Belz Ray Aug 01, pm. You will also have a guardian angel not the make-believe fuzzy blue kind of your imagination, but a real life, flesh and blood person who cares about how you do in life. This person is likely highly placed and will work quietly to see that you do well in the coming year.

This person may not want you to know they are going out of their way to help you, or if you do find out, keep their participation secret. During this time, you will be preparing for one of the best years of your life, when good-fortune Jupiter will enter Scorpio, to start on October 10, , and to extend straight into November 8, It will also be necessary to delete some of the clutter in your life — decide which projects and arrangements still hold a fashination for you, and which ones do not.

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Do some people undermine your confidence? You need to listen to their advice, but distance yourself from them while you reflect on what that person close to you is saying. Is it correct?

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If so, take baby steps to strengthen your performance or approach to things. If you feel their opinions are not at all justified, allow limited interactions between the two of you. If you want to take a big, important trip abroad, you have time to get ready. Mars will be touring your ninth house of big dreams and wide horizons in July , but even better, wait until the new moon that month on July 23, before you head out the door.

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  6. At the new moon, Mars will still be at your side in your long-distance travel house to make your eager to see more of the world. Each new moon provides two weeks of energy and opportunity in which to take action. Furthermore, at that time, Mars, Mercury, and Venus will be moving direct, so it has all the makings of an awe-inspiring journey that could weave a memory for you that will last forever. This is your very best point to pack and go within your forecast period.

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    In terms of salary, you may not get as much of a raise as you had hoped for. Saturn will tour your earned income sector in and , so you may encounter pushback when you ask. On October 11, Mercury will meet with Jupiter in Libra — with great results to you! You might be working on a highly secret product introduction, and if so, the entire time Jupiter will be in Libra until October 10, will be superb for keeping things under wraps and coming out with the new goods or services in the latter part of I will give you a great clue of what is coming down the road.

    Next year, the luckiest day of the year will fall in Scorpio, October 26, Dreams can come true in if you start to work toward them now.